Get in quick as applications are now open! We interviewed one of our Diploma of Professional Pilates graduates, Luisa Bomba to find out what it’s like to train with National Pilates Training through the eyes of a graduate…

Louisa Bomb

Course Name: Diploma of Professional Pilates
Graduate Name: Luisa Bomba

  1. Why did you decide to do the course through NPT?

    “I’d had a look around and had spoken to a few people & places but Aligned for Life and National Pilates Training just seemed to be really professional and grabbed my attention with their versatile approach they have to the work. I live 2 hours from Melbourne and this one grabbed me as I felt really comfortable even from their website they seemed really professional. The professionalism and the experience of the instructors really struck me. Also I am a dancer and Katrina used to be a dancer and it is important for me to keep my knowledge in line with body movement so that really appealed to me as I felt she had the same background. An top of that I felt there was a good mix of instructors from all backgrounds from office workers to dancers.”

  2. What did you love about the course and NPT?

    “I loved the amount of in-depth information we were given. It wasn’t like here are the exercises there you go. It was explained how this applies to each of the parts of the body. There was so much information given from the instructors to the students. I really looked up to them and would love to be an instructor at that level of expertise one day. I really loved the hands on work as we got to do the exercises ourselves. It wasn’t just all theory and that really helped me to understand everything.”

  3. What did you do before you decided to change your career path?

    “I was professionally dancing overseas before I decided to do the course. Jobs don’t come that easy so I thought I needed to add something to my skills and I know that dancers do use Pilates for their recovery so that seemed to work in really well with what I was already doing.”

    See Luisa in action below…such wonderful precision and strength!

  4. How have you found the course overall?

    “I have found it really great and it was really challenging but I enjoyed that. The in-depth way that we looked at things really changed my perception for people with pregnancy, spinal injuries, hip injuries etc. It was easy to stick with it as there was so much versatile information that kept me captivated. It was hard for me because it was a 2 hour drive each time so I came up on the train or drove. I wouldn’t have done that if I wasn’t 100% committed and interested and captivated.”

  5. What was it like to be part of NPT?

    “It was great! I felt very welcomed and it felt like a little community, a family. All the instructors were really helpful. I’m not just saying that to make it sound good. There was really just no judgement from us all being of different backgrounds and different posture types and they really welcomed that really openly. Some instructors were not there each time and they all remembered my name straight away even though they may have only come every fortnight or so. There was about 23 students too and the instructors were great at remembering all our names which I thought was amazing!”

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