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Read on to find out what it’s like to train with National Pilates Training through the eyes of our Diploma of Pilates Instruction graduate, Seamus Balkin…

Course Name: Diploma of Pilates Instruction
Graduate Name: Seamus Balkin

  1. Why did you decide to do the course through NPT?

    “I had Katrina recommended by an old Pilates instructor of mine (Andrew Baxter) who has previously worked with Katrina years ago. It looked like a good solid and thorough course and very professional. It was more than a weekend workshop and I wanted a detailed and thorough course. And that’s what I found!”

  2. What did you love about the course and NPT?

    “I loved the knowledge of all of the instructors and that they were all very giving of their time and skills and the detail that they went into while covering all the information in a way we could understand. There was a lot of knowledge and wisdom that they imparted to us. I really liked that NPT were able to adjust the level of delivery to the individuals in the course. It wasn’t a one size fits all method of teaching. They were able to adapt to all different learning styles. I loved the interactive style of the course as well.”

  3. What did you do before you decided to change your career path?

    “I was doing work in LED lighting and energy dealing with carbon trading and compliance around energy efficiency. I needed to change what I was doing as it wasn’t working. I was also doing some sales and I didn’t want to be doing that. I am in the process of transitioning from this career to teaching Pilates full time.”

  4. How have you found the course overall?

    “It’s been quite reinvigorating for me in general, not just because I’m doing exercise, also because I’ve been able to tap into a different part of myself. It’s been a really positive experience for me to do this which has been completely different. I had to be very present and focused with everything we were doing at the time and I really loved that. When teaching Pilates you have to be very present and focus in on the person I am teaching and that has been a great learning for me. I can take this skill outside of my Pilates teaching also which has been wonderful.”

  5. What was it like to be part of NPT?

    “I felt like I was learning to help people and met a great group of people whom I was able to grow alongside while becoming an instructor. It is a close knit community of people in a very positive environment. Walking in there is like a breath of fresh air a lot of the time. I cant speak highly enough of the positive environment they create. Katrina is someone who is very much focused and committed to sharing the philosophy of positivity. It cultivates a willingness to share each other and help and help peoples bodies better. A really great culture.”

Seamus in action doing a Hanging Back Variation on the Cadillac below…great form, control & strength!

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