That’s right, applications are open now for online and face-to-face courses:

So this could be your healthiest year yet!

We recently spoke to one of our past students, Antoinette Ceravolo, to see what it was like to study at National Pilates Training.

 Why did you sign up to do the course?

“Initially for my own health. I had a back injury – disk bulges and I have degenerative disease. I was seeking treatment but it was probably the wrong treatment. I did some pilates at my physiotherapist but didn’t get much from it. I had completed a short course with another organisation but there was still something missing. I did the course at National Pilates Training mainly for my own health as I wanted to work out how to heal my own body. I also wanted to know how to incorporate it into my own work as a personal trainer so I can help my clients too. Most of my clients are middle aged plus & a few clients in their 70’s. I wanted to learn how I can best help them as they aged & wanted to learn more about spinal care and alignment. I have to share this with you – I now teach Mat Pilates at home & just the other day one of my clients told me her pilates sessions take her to a place of deep connection – she felt connected & grounded, stronger and lighter! That made me so excited to hear that I and I immediately knew I had learnt from the best. Making a difference to someones health is so rewarding.”


Why did you choose National Pilates Training?

“I had spoken to Katrina and I liked what she told me about the course. I thought it was very thorough. She showed a lot of experience. It was clear it was the best course on offer after researching others. I had rung around and emailed other organisations who either didn’t return my calls or emails at all or when I did speak to them they simply told me to read the information on the website. I also wanted to attend classes rather than only online which is what some other places were offering. I needed hands on learning so this was perfect. The qualification sounded better overall. There was a lot to learn but I knew that this was the best course I had found and I wanted to push myself a little out of my comfort zone. The contents was there to teach me how to teach the Pilates Method in a professional and effective way. Saying all of that, the course content and customer service is what really sold me.”


What do you love about the staff at National Pilates Training?

“They are always willing to help and are very knowledgeable. They show a lot of empathy and care. After getting to know most of them, they too have had some form of injury themselves in the past so they understand pain. They are perfect examples that Pilates does work. They are fit, strong and positive. I also found that everything is tailor made for you. If I am having a bad back day they know how to tailor the program to address my needs.”


What do you love about the environment?

“It has a very calming effect. I’m usually on the go & rushing to get somewhere so really look forward to getting to the studio. Once I am there I feel the calming energy of the studio. I instantly relax and start to unwind. It has a nurturing and professional feel about it, along with great energy! I switch off from the stresses of my day.”


Applications open now! Places are limited.

Enquire today by emailing katrina@alignedforlife.com.au or by calling 0414 645 455.

Or book a Complimentary Trial Matwork Session before the end of 2018 to visit the CBD studio and meet current students of National Pilates Training.