Terms and Conditions

  1. This voucher is valid for courses and classes scheduled in 2019 and can be redeemed at National Pilates Training, Aligned For Life Pilates Studio in Melbourne.
  2. By placing an order for this voucher through the National Pilates Training website, you the buyer agree to be contacted directly by National Pilates Training to arrange payment. Only once payment has been made or suitable arrangements will the voucher be considered active.
  3. If the voucher is for a training course, the recipient will be required to complete a course enrolment form from National Pilates Training to redeem the voucher.
  4. In the event that the voucher recipient is unable to attend the sessions in 2019, arrangements for extending the voucher may be considered but will be subject to approval by the Director of Education at National Pilates Training. In the event that the services fees have increased since the voucher validity period has lapsed, then an additional payment equal to the price difference in fees will then be required in order to redeem the voucher.