Lorraine began participating in Pilates classes six years ago, after giving birth to her second child.

Pilates became an integral part of Lorraine’s training program to complement her running, management of injuries and balanced cross-training routine. Her growing love and passion for the Pilates method led her to study with National Pilates Training, completing her Diploma of Professional Pilates in 2009.

Lorraine has been active in a number of different sports through out her life. At university Lorraine was a qualified aerobics instructor and both worked and competed in the fitness industry regularly. Post university she took up triathlons, culminating seven years later with qualification and successful completion of the famous Hawaiian Iron Man. More recently she completed the Oxfam 100km trail-walker finishing in 15 ½ hours.

Lorraine is eagerly embarking on this new sporting direction. Having always had a love of movement, competition and general fitness, she is once again enjoying the opportunity to inspire and give her clients the chance to experience the genuine benefits of the Pilates Method.

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  • Bachelor of Planning and Design, University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Architecture (Hons.), University of Melbourne
  • Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (91491NSW)
  • Pilates Armchair Certified
  • National Pilates Training
  • Pilates instructor
    Ki Movement Pilates