All our journeys take us to far more places than just our destination with secret destinations within them. I feel like I have finally arrived at my destination. Pilates Instructing may be leading me somewhere else but while I linger within this journey I will continue to explore, dream and discover what it has to offer and what I can offer to others.

I was not born an athlete. I did not discover my love for running until quite late in life. My passion for running only developed in my 20’s. During the six years I spent at Melbourne University studying Architecture, I became an Aerobics Instructor (the glamour fad of the ‘80’s). I found myself running from aerobics class to lecture and back again to teach another aerobics class. The exercise kept me buoyant and energised and so the addiction began. At the end of my Architecture degree I had began competing as well as teaching some 2-3 classes a day.

Architecture took me to the Sunshine Coast for work. I arrived with not much more than a car and a bike and a youthful desperation to fit as much as possible into every moment. I found myself working as an Architecture and Aerobics Instructor within 24 hours. It was on the Sunshine Coast that I really found my love, Triathlons! It was my main focus during the years I spent on the Coast. I loved both the challenge, the constant goals that I could set myself and the friends and memories I attained.

It was not until I moved back to Melbourne, married and began a family that I stumbled into Pilates. I did not turn to it with an injury but rather it found me. My initiation was quite random and not particularly focused. It was only after a short time participating in mat work that I started to consider it as a career. However it took me many more years to stop doubting myself and to search out a training school.

I really credit both Katrina and Kath who were the faculty educators at National Pilates Training in Melbourne for nurturing my desire, having faith in me and creating such a professional and intimate environment to learn. The Pilates community was completely foreign to me but I knew that NPT was a solid educational program, which taught so much more than just the exercises. It was more about seeing the bodies as individual, recognising client’s personal needs and then teaching them to understand their own bodies. As a student and even an Instructor I was often left overwhelmed but when I come back to the basic principles and integrate them into everyday living I see how much reward Pilates offers.

I love how Pilates helps the function of my body and how it better enables me do the things I love to do without injury or should I say without further injury. It is a challenge for my neuro-muscular coordination, which I have always found difficult. I have tended to do sports that simply require you to go as hard as you can for as long as you can, no matter how pretty it might look.

I love working with people and I love the opportunity to teach my clients about their body and to see them walking out of the studio taller and straighter. I will always encourage people to give Pilates at least 10 sessions, as there are so many concepts to slowly incorporate into the work. You will start to understand the little seeds or concepts, and then you will start to see them being incorporated into everyday life. The benefits grow beyond the one hour sessions and are slowly incorporated into every day, every week your whole life. The way you move, stand, think and can be transformed.

I love the community and the people I have met and work with. I am still being inspired by Katrina and a number of other staff who I have worked under and with. Maggie and more recently Sara, who I am so fortunate to be working for now, at South Melbourne. The energy she has injected into the Studio is something that makes it a joy to come to work every day.

I feel a joy after every session and that is one thing I hope to give to all my clients after every session. I love to be inspired and in turn I love to inspire. My clients are often the ones who inspire me the most as I see their improvement and understanding of their own bodies. I am so often left feeling the same joy that I feel when I do my own practice. This is really still the beginning of my journey although as I said at the beginning I feel I have come to my destination for now.

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