Paula Baird Colt

Paula Baird-Colt is an innovative dance-movement specialist who has based her practice on extensive experience as a performer, teacher and producer in the dance profession. Paula’s in-depth knowledge of classical ballet technique and dance repertoire has provided her with a foundation to provide analysis, program development and implementation required for an elite dancer to remediate and maintain safe movement practice.

Paula is presenting her course “Conditioning for DANCErs”. This course is aimed at Pilates practitioners and other health professionals currently teaching conditioning exercises to dancers. A series of theoretical and practical workshops will expand the selection of teaching content and strategies to enhance conditioning for dancers. The course will be delivered in four modules, each module will approach the conditioning of dancers from a different but complimentary perspective.

The relationship between body conditioning exercises, the Pilates method principles and fundamentals of dance movement technique will be explored and linked in each module of the course. Each module is linked through the CORE approach; ‘teach the body in front of you’, that in turn aims to foster and refine the participant’s skills to manipulate, innovate and individualise conditioning exercises.


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