Sandy McDonald is a short course presenter for National Pilates Training. Sandy has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Sandy is offering a wonderful coaching program called “Clarity in Business

Sandy is an business counselor and mentor, author and TEDx presenter. She is the founding director of Get It Right Online and Why You Must Blog and founder of Australian charity, CreateCare Global. Through her business, Get It Right Online, Sandy works with business owners to get clear on what they need to do to become a key person of influence in their industry. Then she helps them develop a coherent online presence from which to communicate that positioning and to build a community, both as a business development and lifechanging practice. Sandy believes ‘it is at the intersection of clarity of intention, knowledge and stories online that ingenuity shines and communities gather’. She is known for converting a complex business world, on and offline, into practical, but life changing steps for business owners to supercharge their business and their lives.

In her course “Clarity in Business” over a series of six one-on-one sessions, Sandy will demonstrate how and why purpose and clarity of intention are key to success in growing your business and protecting your best and most viable options into the future.

She will show you how purpose defines your operating principles and thereby your unique niche within your industry. You’ll learn how this identifies your key messages and informs a coherent approach to all your marketing material on and offline.

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