The Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method (10538NAT) is a post-graduate style course following on from the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT) or the equivalent level of pre-requisite training. The Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method provides the practical skills and related scientific knowledge required to become a competent and effective practitioner, health care advisor and therapist in the field of Pilates. Successful completion of this course will mean you are competent at dealing with health to moderate-risk level clients, teach up to the late intermediate repertoire on all apparatus and be able to manage a Pilates / health practice.

Functions within the Pilates industry for those with this qualification include:

  • Managing and / or administering a Pilates studio practice with responsibility for supervising and / or managing staff
  • Working under guidelines set by medical or allied health professionals in programs or services related to injury rehabilitation and underlying pathologies
  • Working closely with at-risk clients in referral with allied health professionals
  • Leading and instructing Pilates exercise for clients with musculoskeletal impairment – both individuals and groups
  • Leading and instructing Pilates exercises for all client types – up to and including late-intermediate repertoire and specific conditioning

Payment Plan 1 - $4,800

Payment Plan 2 - $5,100

Dates and Times

2 February 2018