Do you love the way practicing the Pilates Method makes you feel? Do you want to learn new repertoire and continue to practice the Pilates Method at home, while building your knowledge and skills?

National Pilates Training now offer individual training modules, taken from our nationally recognised and industry accredited training courses, as stand-alone units available to study online. This new approach to studying the Pilates Method gives you the opportunity to study the Pilates Method at home, in your own time. Enabling you to continue to add to your home practice, learning new repertoire and opening up new ways to think about exercises you already know.

Watch our highly skilled Pilates instructors and practitioners demonstrate, through online repertoire videos, how to get more out of your practice by increasing your strength, improving your mobility and achieving a sense of physical health and mental well-being.

All single study modules with National Pilates Training allow you to:

  • Study anywhere, anytime
  • Study at your own pace
  • Access online learning materials 24/7
  • Access repertoire videos 24/7
  • Learn from highly experienced practitioners & instructors of the Pilates Method


Start with one module at a time and add another as often as you like! If you’d like to then take your training to the next level once you’ve tried a few modules, consider upgrading to a full certificate or Diploma course. Recognition for prior learning modules can be arranged.


Read more about our full Certificate and Diploma Pilates Instructor training courses here:

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Next Steps

See below for details of all modules and course fees. To learn more about how studying single modules from Pilates Method training courses with National Pilates Training could work for you, contact our Director of Training Katrina Edwards at katrina@alignedforlife.com.au.

Alternatively, you can request a call from Katrina below, or join us for a complimentary trial matwork session at our Aligned For Life Melbourne CBD studio. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Modules & Fees

Module 1: PILPOS402B

  • Introduction to the Pilates Method

    • Online
  • Plan and instruct Pilates method programming for postural assessment and correction.

Module 2: PILMAT401B

  • Introductory Matwork

    • Online
  • Learn to plan and instruct a Pilates Matwork class from foundation to basic level.

Module 3: PILMAT402B

  • Progressive Matwork

    • Online
  • Learn to plan and instruct a progressive Pilates Matwork class.

Module 4: PILMAT403B

  • Intermediate Matwork

    • Online
  • Learn to plan and instruct an intermediate Pilates Matwork class.

Module 5: PILSMA401B

  • Small Apparatus

    • Online
  • Learn to instruct the Pilates studio basic to intermediate Small Apparatus repertoire.

Module 6: PILREF501B

  • Introductory Reformer

    • Studio
  • Learn to instruct the Pilates studio introductory to basic Reformer repertoire.

Module 7: PILREF502B

  • Progressive Reformer

    • Studio
  • Learn to instruct the Pilates studio progressive Reformer repertoire.

Module 8: PILREF503B

  • Intermediate Reformer

    • Studio
  • Learn to instruct the Pilates studio intermediate Reformer repertoire.

Contact National Pilates Training to enquire about modules or application details: katrina@alignedforlife.com.au.