National Pilates Training (NPT) is a Registered Training Organisation offering nationally accredited training in Melbourne CBD for new students and Pilates instructors who are looking for a career and qualifications in the Pilates industry.

NPT accredited courses provide the practical skills and related scientific knowledge required to become a competent and effective practitioner, health care advisor and therapist in the field of Pilates instruction.

Successful completion of our courses will equip you to deal with healthy to moderate risk level clients, teach up to the late intermediate repertoire on all apparatus and be able to manage a Pilates/health practice.

Our courses are suitable for those who wish to work in a private/semi-private or group fitness environment or are just interested in pursuit of understanding their own body for improved health and well being.

Successful graduates of the Diploma course are eligible for Level 1 full membership with the Pilates Alliance Australasia.

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