The Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT) is your entry point into the Pilates industry. Designed to reflect the role of Pilates Instructors who operate in a professional and specialised studio environment and who work with low risk (apparently healthy) client groups. It is suitable for those who wish to work in a private/semi-private or group fitness environment. Successful graduates are eligible for Level 1 full membership with the Pilates Alliance Australasia.

The outcome of the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT) is employment as a Pilates Studio Instructor, teaching comprehensive Pilates studio work on all apparatus to a variety of clients. Graduates will be able to take up employment in the Pilates industry in established Pilates studios, health centres, fitness centres, community centres, self-employed as a small business owner, and in clinical practices. A Pilates studio instructor is a Pilates Studio industry Level One teacher working within the Pilates specialist environment, instructing apparently healthy to low risk clients in the full scope of the Pilates method work for general conditioning, postural assessment and correction, rehabilitation, and specific training for apparently healthy or low risk clients in private to small group situations. The Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction contains only core units and is a combination of:

  • 4 units from the Complementary and Alternative Health Care disciplines of the Health Training Package 2007; and
  • 15 Pilates specific units developed by Pilates International Pty Ltd. In accordance with the regulatory body; The Pilates Alliance, it is essential to protect and enhance the image, knowledge and understanding of the Pilates Method. To meet the industry needs a combination of units of competency from Health Training package, along with Pilates International’s development of specific industry Units of Competencies, is essential.

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