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    Course Duration

    Intro to Pilates: This course is delivered as six weekly sessions of 2.5 hours each.

    Intro to Anatomy: 6 x 1 hour online sessions and one eight-hour face-to-face workshop.

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    Course Delivery

    Online learning resources and face-to-face learning through contact and practicum days


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    $1,000 (usually $1605)

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    Saturday 15th February, 2020

The first step to a deeper practice

This course is an investment in self-care that will leave you with an enhanced mind-body connection. The course is designed to motivate you to make Pilates a part of your everyday routine for improved mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Taught over six weeks, the Introduction to the Pilates Method is delivered as a mix of take-home activities and exercises, and face-to-face in-class learning. It will build your confidence as a practitioner and allow you to develop skills and knowledge to facilitate effective self-directed practice.

Whether or not you choose to use the Introduction to the Pilates Method course as a stepping stone to a Certificate or Diploma, you will graduate having learned the basics required to continue building your skills.

Australia’s most experienced faculty

Our faculty educators all share a passion for the Pilates Method and its incredible benefits and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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Increase your knowledge of the human body

Whether you are studying for a Certificate in Pilates Matwork Instruction or Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10838NAT) or just have an interest in finding out more about human anatomy and the principles of movement, this course is for you.

Introduction to Anatomy covers the basic anatomy and physiology principles and practical application to movement. As a student, you will gain an understanding of the body’s skeletal structure and the role of bones and muscles in relation to movement.

Delivered through six 2-hour online modules, with a consolidating face-to-face workshop at the end, the course won’t just leave you with increased knowledge and skills, but it also gives you the opportunity to extend your social and professional network and meet people who share your passion for movement.

What will you learn?

These courses can be used for personal interest or to articulate into Certificate in pilates matwork/diploma with automatic entry. Upon completion of the Introduction to the Pilates Method and Introduction to Anatomy, you will have studied

Introduction to pilates

  • The fundamental concepts and principles of the Pilates Method
  •  Foundation, introductory and basic level Pilates matwork exercises 
  • Skills required for self-directed Pilates practice at a basic level
  • Techniques to improve mind-body connection, body awareness and wellbeing
  • Practises that increase energy levels and physical confidence
  • Methods for reducing stress
  • Take home activities and exercises to encourage daily practice

Introduction to Anatomy

  • Introduction to the muscular and skeletal systems, their roles within the body and the associated terminology.
  • The structural skeletal characteristics of the lumbar spine and muscles of the lumbar region, abdominal wall and pelvic floor. 
  • The structural skeletal characteristics of the thoracic spine and cage, and the muscles of the thoracic region.
  • Breathing and the muscles used during passive and forced respiration.
  • The commonly addressed muscles of the neck and their origin, insertion and action.
  • The structural skeletal characteristics and differences of the cervical spine and its varied range of motion between the different vertebrae. 
  • The characteristics of the skeletal structure of the shoulder and how it moves around the axial skeleton. 
  • The muscles of the rotator cuff and shoulder girdle and their origin, insertion and action.
  • The basic characteristics of the pelvis and its surrounding musculature and their actions.

Training location

All contact sessions will be completed with National Pilates Training at the Melbourne CBD Aligned for Life Pilates Studio — a first-class training facility in a convenient city location.

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