This was one of our most popular workshops in 2022.

With the intention of creating better understanding of strength techniques that can be applied when working with the Pilates method, participants will learn how to efficiently build strength, with better mobility and end-of-range specific strengthening that can be applied to a multitude of functions, from sports/arts specific conditioning to daily life needs – for example, picking up that heavy storage box from the top shelf of the cupboard. Workshop aims include:

  • the benefits of strength specific training
  • how the body builds strength and its response and adaptiveness to environmental stimuli
  • the Overload and Specificity principles of training
  • muscle contraction types and the nature of muscular force through each moment of contraction
  • flexibility vs mobility
  • strategies, application and exercises of the Pilates method
  • discussion and Q&A

Participants can expect to walk away with a better understanding of breaking down and applying strength building techniques with the Pilates method and how this relates to their specific, identified and chosen goals.


Calendar Friday, Aug 4, 2023
Clock 1:00pm - 4:30pm
Tag Workshop
Coin $135
Pin Aligned For Life Studio 4/370 Little Bourke St, CBD