Now you can have even more clarity in your business with the “Clarity in Business” one on one coaching program run by none other than Business Clarity & Communications Coach Sandy McDonald!

Sandy is a business clarity and communications coach, online marketer, author and TEDx presenter. She is the founding director of Get It Right Online and Why You Must Blog and founder of Australian charity, CreateCare Global.

Watch this video for a succinct explanation of how Sandy McDonald can help you take your business to the next level…

In the “Clarity in Business” program you will embark on a journey covering aspects such as ‘Clarity of Purpose’ to ‘Content and Connection’ and everything in between!

Sandy believes that without clarity not much can be achieved. Together you will work on the clarity of your purpose and your business principles which will expose a clear intention for your marketing and communications. When you are clear on your purpose, principles and story that s when you can be coherent with your message on and offline.

Here are two testimonials from Katrina and Kerrie who’s businesses have been helped immensely through the guidance of Sandy and her “Clarity in Business” coaching.

As a successful business owner of 13 years, I needed to redefine my soul purpose of the business in order for me to launch forward into the future with confidence. It is through Sandy’s guidance and peeling back the layers of what drives me in my life, that I have managed to declutter the thoughts and ideas that have been congested in my brain and find clarity to the marvels in my head.   Formulating strategies to build strength in my principles to move forward for future opportunities has been one of the most inspiring and rewarding  journey I have taken so far in my career

– Kerrie Murphy, Director & Principal Teacher at Infinity Pilates

I began private coaching sessions on a fortnightly basis with Sandy. One of my highlights for 2015.  We started with digging deep to figure out  “What is it we do and why? Discovering the purpose for Aligned for Life Pilates and separately for National Pilates Training. Sandy suggested I write. Which I do daily. Getting thoughts down on paper not analysing, not deconstructing until the pen stops. During this writing process the purpose for both organisations was revealed.  I quickly felt attached to the purpose and took ownership. This was an incredible moment for me.  A turning point and I’m still feeling the momentum that was created from that point of gaining clarity around why I do what I do.  I haven’t looked back since. Along this journey with Sandy we mapped out the 6 guiding principles for both organisations and I now align those with how I communicate and function daily.  I am rewarded daily. I am excited about the next stage for me personally with you.

– Katrina Edwards, Founder & Owner of Aligned for Life Pilates & National Pilates Training

See Sandy in her talk at TEDx Melbourne below:

The start date for this program is up to you as these sessions with Sandy are privately booked based on availability.

Download the flyer here for “Clarity in Business” and contact us via katrina@alignedforlife.com.au today!