My journey to Pilates started in 1999, when I was looking for something to compliment my running that would fit into my lifestyle at the time. I was working long hours and travelling a lot for work, so I knew I couldn’t commit to a team sport. Having grown up with bad eyesight, ball sports were also never my strong point. Then I stumbled on a small article on Pilates and thought I would give it a try.

I found Origin Pilates studio in Prahran and after 2 sessions I knew I was on to a good thing. With every session I could feel and see the difference in my body – my posture, strength, co-ordination and proprioception. I spent all day at work focusing on analysis and detail, so the importance of concentration, mindfulness and the challenge of continuous evolution of self improvement had me hooked. The concentration required to be present throughout my sessions, enabled me to switch off my busy mind in a way that no other activity has ever done.

I toyed with the thought of training at Origin Pilates to become an instructor, but I never quite felt ready or confident enough to walk away from the corporate environment. However, I still continued to enjoy my Pilates sessions through 2 pregnancies – right up to the day before delivery!

Shortly after the birth of my second child we moved from St Kilda to Northcote. In trying to find another Pilates studio closer to our new home, I learnt the importance of finding a good studio and instructor. I tried a number of different studios but none seemed to keep me challenged, empowered through my sessions, or targeted my individual needs. I felt I spent more time waiting on instructors than actually moving. Shortly after, I was transferred to Singapore for work for a few years and due to my work commitments, my Pilates practice unfortunately suffered through this period.

When we came back from Singapore I was exhausted from travel and working long hours and feeling ready to do something different in my life. I knew that if I could find a studio that had the same magical feel about it as when I first discovered Pilates, I was ready to commit to that challenge and perhaps even become more serious about it.

I researched Pilates teacher training and found National Pilates Training. I called Katrina and organised to visit the studio in the city. I talked with Katrina and did an individual mat class with one of the student teachers. I was impressed by the professionalism, dedication and knowledge of the student teacher and I felt challenged and present through the whole workout. I instantly knew that I had found the right place to train.

From there I finished my Diploma in Pilates and have been working at Aligned for Life in Moonee Ponds. My journey in Pilates has really only just begun as a teacher. I want to share with others the incredible health benefits of Pilates – how it can strengthen and align the body, as well as challenge the mind and be an incredible tool for rehabilitation.

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