Our faculty educators are driven by a shared mission: to equip our students with tools and insights to help make physical and mental wellbeing attainable for every body, every day. Together, we offer a rewarding and highly regarded education, opening up a world of opportunities for our graduates.
  • Katrina Edwards

    Director of Training

  • Kath Banks

    Faculty Educator, Assessor

  • Chantel Roulston

    Faculty Educator, Assessor

  • Mel Plozza

    Faculty Educator, Assessor

  • Melissa Jones

    Faculty Member, Assessor

  • Benjamin Rashleigh

    Anatomy expert

  • Kellie Brearley

    Course administrator

  • Rebecca Divjak

    Course administrator

Our Faculty

At National Pilates Training we pride ourselves on our faculty members’ comprehensive knowledge in the pilates method, exercise science, injury rehabilitation and sport-specific conditioning. With long careers in the pilates industry and close ties to a network of pilates studios around Australia and the world, we prepare our students for long and successful careers in the Pilates industry. Whether you are ready to become a pilates teacher yourself or just starting your Pilates journey, we are here to help you realise your goals.

Our team