Katrina Edwards, Aligned For Life & National Pilates Training 2018

Trekking through the wilderness in Tasmania with my family recently was a perfect end to an extraordinary year, reflecting with each step, a reminder of how cathartic bush walking is – even with the rain, snow, hail, wet feet, aching shoulders, heavy pack. My life on my back and beside me for 6 days, space and time, lots of laughing, dad jokes and teenage tantrums, mud and more mud! How good did the porridge taste and the endearing company of pademelons ,wallabies, echidnas and skinks…aaah so good for the soul and topping up the tank.

Physical challenges were met every minute of every day as we traversed for 70 plus kms over 6 days. The feeling of achievement upon completing is met with huge sighs of relief! Encouraging our children that this is what it is all about, getting through even when you think you can’t, and pushing the boundaries, experiencing hardship, building resilience and getting back to basics.

Life for me is about meeting my own personal expectations, continuing to lead with honesty, passion and integrity, being true to myself and sharing that with everyone I meet. Looking for possibilities and creating opportunities is what gets me out of bed each day. Sharing my passion for mental health and physical conditioning and continuing to surround myself with people that think the same.

I have an amazing crew to thank…my colleagues at Aligned for Life Pilates and National Pilates Training who choose to partake and who believe wholeheartedly in who we are and what we stand for. My new colleagues at the Australian Ballet School who have welcomed me with open arms. Lisa Pavane (Director) who has given me the opportunity to continue. Melbourne city football club players, health team and especially Andrew Mckenzie for believing. And lastly my family. My Dad who is a legend and still to this day inspires me, my mum for setting me up for this adventure I am on, my children Isabella and Rory who are my greatest gift…oops, have just lost it…hang on while I grab a tissue…how lucky am I. And my husband what a great 22 year partnership.

Thanks to all who have supported us this year and we look forward to your company again in 2019. Over the break share your knowledge with family and friends, encouraging each and everyone you meet to take charge of their own physical health and mental wellbeing. Teach them a little of what you know your favourite exercises that set up your day.


Here‘s to a very Merry Xmas and a happy and healthy 2019!