With Kath Banks

In this workshop Kath provides you with an overview on Persistent Pain. Chronic or persistent pain is a very real and debilitating condition. The goal of this workshop is to provide Pilates practitioners with a better understanding of pain, the development of persistent pain, and how this affects a person physically, socially and psychologically. A bio-psycho-social approach is essential in the treatment and management of persistent pain, so this workshop explores how this can be integrated within the Pilates method.

With an increased understanding of pain, we can then explore the utilisation of the Pilates repertoire in the management and treatment of persistent pain.  This information can then be passed onto clients, enabling them to have a better understanding of their own condition, which is vital for self-management.

Assessment will include a short practical assessment and pop quiz.  You will need to be a fully qualified Pilates practitioner as this workshop will be at a continuing education level.


Continuing Education Points:

PAA PDPs = 4 | APMA CECs = 4 | ESSA = TBC


To Register:

To register your interest or for more information about holding this workshop at your venue contact National Pilates Training here.



Per attendee - $195.00

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