With Sandy McDonald

Over a series of six one-on-one sessions, Sandy will demonstrate how and why purpose and clarity of intention are key to success in growing your business and protecting your best and most viable options into the future.

She will show you how purpose defines your operating principles and thereby your unique niche within your industry. You’ll learn how this identifies your key messages and informs a coherent approach to all your marketing material on and offline.


Start any time! The course will be delivered over a personalised schedule on a one-to-one basis with Sandy.

To be confirmed – pending applications.


Please contact Katrina Edwards at katrina@alignedforlife.com.au for further information or to register.



SESSION ONE – Clarity of Purpose

Why is it important to define your purpose?

What does it mean for your aspirations your business, career, finances, relationships and family?

How do you achieve and measure it and why is clarity of intention so critical to your future?

How do you pitch your purpose successfully to find, engage and convert your most ideal clients?


SESSION TWO – Curiosity, Truth and Your Value

Why is truth so important in good business?

How can curiosity and courage help you to relentlessly pursue the truth and reveal your best business intention, your best client, your best offer, your best team members and your best exit strategy?

What is your value proposition and how do you define it?

How do you productise it and what differentiates you from others in your industry?

What is your real capacity for growth?

What is your brand promise? Are you delivering on it?


SESSION THREE – Coherent Positioning, Brand & Culture

What are you positioning? Yourself as the expert;
your industry niche; your offer, or your business. Why?

Why is the culture of your business so vital?

How does it and the behaviours associated with it inform everything that happens within your business, from the clients you attract, to the team members you employ, train and retain?

Why is the culture you build essential to building a brand that can survive and thrive without you being part of it 24/7?


SESSION FOUR – Principles: your heroes

Why are principles so vital to business success?

How do they work to position your own and others perception, and to differentiate your business from your competitors?

How does this work to identify your best client, make sales conversations easy and create content that positions you as a key person of influence?


SESSION FIVE – Why your stories matter

Why are stories the best tool in your marketing toolkit?

How can you use story to change others’ perceptions and to motivate, educate and inspire action?

How does unpacking your value help form connections and build you an advocating community?


SESSION SIX – Content and Connection

How can we gain an edge by being digitally agile in world that shouts with competing messages?

Why should we understand and embrace search engines?

How do we use this knowledge to communicate from a platform of principles and develop natural and meaningful relationships?

How does really understanding the mistakes your clients make before they find you, help you grow your business?

How can we use all of this to serve not sell?


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Dates and Times

1 April 2016
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1 May 2016
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1 June 2016
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1 July 2016
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1 August 2016
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1 September 2016
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1 October 2016
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