With Kath Banks

In this workshop, we will explore bone development and what we can do in our younger years to prevent the development of osteoporosis in later life. The practical element will involve the participation in school yard games, as well as a strong Pilates workout designed to strengthen the musculoskeletal system for healthy populations. Participants should come prepared for a workout aimed at a late intermediate level, but with the ability to regress to suit all levels of participants.

  • Physiology of bone formation, remodeling & metabolism
  • Importance of bone growth in childhood and how we can have an impact
  • Evidence based exercise prescription for bone strengthening in adulthood
  • Demonstration, analysis & participation of a Pilates program designed to enhance bone strength
  • Programming strategies to empower participants to develop further programs


Some exercises with Kath Banks

– The Clock –

–  The Fan Kick –

– Hamstring Pull 3 over Long Box –

Here's how we keep Kath Banks challenged. This is what Kath had to say about the "pilates clock". The pilates clock is an ideal warm up exercise that gets the heart pumping and heats the whole body. The continuous movement mobilises the hip and shoulder joint without unwanted tension, while providing the abdominals with the endurance they need. Most importantly it leaves you feeling energised and a sense of accomplishment. Hitting each number on the clock is fun. We should all be "clocking it" every day!!

Posted by National pilates training on Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Here is another inspiring exercise that followed the pilates clock for our senior faculty educator Kath Banks today. This exercise is called the "gondola fan kick". This exercise landed in our lap thanks to the gorgeous Blossom Leilani Crawford . Both the pilates clock and the gondola fan kick are great for kath as a warm up. They increase body heat, promote lymph flow, and target the sweet spots for kath. This exercise targets the waist muscles, the abdominals, strengthens and mobilises the hip. You will feel energised, strong and ready to take on the day. Grab a broomstick, and have a go!! #kathbanks #blossomleilanicrawford #lymphaticflow #nationalpilatestraining #pilatesmelbourne #pilatesteachertraining #bridgepilates

Posted by National pilates training on Thursday, 10 December 2015

Continuing Education Points:

PAA PDPs = 4 | APMA CECs = 4 | ESSA = TBC


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Per attendee - $195

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