With Kath Banks

In this workshop, Kath provides you with first-hand experience of all the stages of an ACL reconstruction. This includes anatomical review of the knee joint, mechanism of injury and subsequent functional limitations. It will also explore repertoire selection for all stages of the rehabilitation process; including pre-rehabilitation to prepare the body for surgery, post-operation and all the way through functional exercises and a return to sport.

You will get an insight into the pain experienced, functional limitations through all stages and the effect on overall posture. We will also look at possible hurdles that may arise during the process and how repertoire selection may prevent these.

This is a Pilates-specific workshop where the theory will be combined with practical assessment tools and exercises using small apparatus and traditional Pilates equipment.

The techniques and repertoire covered in this workshop are also applicable to general knee strengthening, and transfer to other conditions including knee osteoarthritis, patellofemoral pain syndrome and knee instability.

Continuing Education Points:

PAA PDPs = 4 | APMA CECs = 4 | ESSA = TBC


To register:

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Per attendee - $195

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