With Geri Taylor


What exactly is fascia?          Why is it important?

How can you use your knowledge of fascia to help your
Pilates clients move better without pain?


Workshop participants will discover the four dimensions of fascia, learn aspects of fascial fitness and how Pilates and fascia fit together.

The workshop includes practical applications integrating the four dimensions of fascia, and will show the effects of Pilates exercises on fascia. There is a section of the workshop devoted to practicing the assessment, teaching of and participation in Pilates exercises focusing on the fascia.

Participants will finish the workshop learning about fascial release techniques with small apparatus tools used in the Pilates Method.


Prerequisites… This workshop runs at a Continuing Education level, for:

  • Pilates instructors with a Diploma-or-above qualification
  • Human movement professionals such as massage and myofascial therapists, yoga instructors, fitness instructors and physiotherapists

Materials… will be supplied on the day / prior to the day

Assessment will include… informal practical assessment

Continuing Education Points

PAA PDPs = 3.5            TBC     APMA CECs = 3.5 TBC


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- $175.00

Dates and Times

28 April 2019
9:00 am - 12:30 pm