With Maggie Macgill

Running is an innate and natural movement pattern that can be as freeing to the body as Pilates is. In this studio series, we use the Pilates Method to teach us how to run in a way that develops inner power, optimum alignment and refined body awareness.

This series will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Become familiar with ways of doing and teaching movement that engage with the intelligence of your organ, fluid, sensory, vestibular and nervous systems; first in Pilates and then through walking and into running
  • Use the Pilates Method to become familiar with skills and movement qualities that are key to supported and integrated walking, running and sprinting form
  • Develop cues, imagery and teaching skills to seamlessly transfer these movement qualities into running.
  • Embody the key elements of biointelligent running.

The series is designed to be experienced in sequential order; however each workshop is complete in its own right.

Materials… will be supplied by National Pilates Training

Assessment will include… Short practical assessment and a pop quiz

Continuing Education Points (per workshop)

PAA PDPs = 4 (all workshops approved)   |   APMA CECs = 4 (all workshops approved)


Click here to register for individual workshops – contact our Course Administrator (npt@alignedforlife.com.au) to register for multiple workshops at a reduced rate – $380.00 for a weekend group of two, and $720.00 for the entire series of four workshops.

Workshop 1 – Systems of Support – Friday 29/03/2019 (Places filled)

Sensing, sequencing and initiating movement through your organs for greater rhythm, energy and flow on the run.

In this workshop, we use the Pilates repertoire to understand the key role our organs play in creating whole-body integration and deep abdominal support. We will then learn how to use our legs to provide the moment-to-moment support necessary to freeing up the energy of our organ systems to create powerful, flowing movement on the run.


Workshop 2 – Lungs of Life – Saturday 30/03/2019 (Places filled)

Sensing, sequencing and initiating movement through your organs for greater rhythm, energy and flow on the run.

This workshop explores how the organs and processes of respiration both support and are supported by the action of running. We use Jo’s equipment and choreography to teach us how to time and sequence our movement patterns to facilitate greater respiratory volume. We then identify ways to transfer this way of moving into running so that – much like Pilates – running can become an act of respiratory support.


Workshop 3 – Palm as Portal – Friday 30/08/2019

Tapping into the receptivity of our palms for upper body lift and deep abdominal support on the run.

In this workshop we use the Pilates repertoire to highlight the proprioreceptive potency of our palms. We will refine the neurological connection to our palms to enhance the organisation of our upper body in a way that is simple to apply on the run. We will learn how to use our connection to our palms to facilitate a well-aligned arm drive, upper and lower body balance and deep abdominal support on the run.


Workshop 4 – Freedom and Flow – Saturday 31/08/2019

Moving your legs with your centre to cover more distance with less tension

In this workshop we will use the spring to teach us how to direct the work of running into the centre of the body. We will use the equipment to give us a clear sense of how it feels to move our legs from our centre in running, and to transfer forces from our feet to our centre. The goal is to take the centred movement of our legs from Pilates into running so that we can increase our athletic capability with minimal stress to the body.

per single workshop - $220.00

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