The world we live in can seem chaotic at times. The constant pressure of deadlines, appointments, “to do” lists and traffic jams make us rush around endlessly. We start feeling stressed out and disconnected from ourselves and our lives. We start living like zoo tigers confined within the safety of our often messy daily routines.

However, the truth is that the world only feels that way when we RESIST.

It only feels that way when we lose our elasticity to spring back, and capability to rebound and respond while maintaining the connection with ourselves and our physical and mental wellbeing.

Restoring the connection, keeping a spring in our step, and encouraging flexibility and adaptability in life’s daily situations begins with our bodies.

Through the practise of the pilates method we can understand our own physical limitations and restrictions matching our urge to resist what is happening around us in our daily lives. This resistance shows up in reluctance to try new things and in tendency to shy away from challenge.

By opening ourselves up, accepting our imperfections, and choosing to meet challenges head on as they arise, we quickly learn to adapt. We realise we have hidden resources we can only access through opening up and stepping outside our current comfort zones.

The pilates method gives us this perfect platform to firstly connect with ourselves and our bodies, and then extend ourselves and reach further physically and mentally. This increases our tolerance and allows us to exercise resilience, so we are ready once again to step back into our daily lives with more adaptability and flexibility.

Katrina Edwards – Director of Training

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