I first discovered the Pilates Method when I had a neck injury in 1997 and sought Pilates for successful rehabilitation. After that I participated in ‘less structured’ classes at local gyms and always loved the sessions.

I had a life change, and at 48 needed to re-skill but I had criteria, wanting to find a career that would tick certain boxes; something that I loved; working with people, but also something that would keep me active both mentally and physically.

I researched different Pilates training centres and was bit overwhelmed as I could not decide where I should study. Fortunately my daughter’s dance teacher recommended National Pilates Training and the Aligned for Life Pilates studio in Little Bourke Street so I booked a session – that was start of a new journey for me realising that the Pilates I had been doing for years in the ‘gym world’ had kept me moving but was so far removed from the Pilates Philosophy that I really was not in touch with my body.

I am now more than halfway through the course at National Pilates Training and loving it! I think more than anything I am constantly surprised by enthusiasm and the passion of the instructors. As part of the course one does observation hours and I watch them give 100% to their client and then have the same energy and dedication to the students. It’s unbelievable!

The course is highly professional, as are the instructors who truly want to share their broad experience, skills and knowledge but at the same time are down to earth and nurturing.  For me it is like being part of a family and my fellow students are fantastic, there is a range of ages and backgrounds – they too are incredibly supportive!

At times, (for me) the course is challenging but my expectations are high and I don’t want to be mediocre. I have learnt so much already and it is just the tip of the iceberg I believe the Pilates Method is not just an exercise program, it is a lifestyle.

I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of a career in Pilates to choose National Pilates Training.