Friday 27 October 2023


Workshop 1-3.30pm, then Mat class practical 3.45-5pm.

Enhancing Movement Potential

Centred to the Core for Posture, Pain and Performance

Enhancing Movement Potential is a series of workshops designed for all movement specialists across Pilates, Fitness and Allied Health industries. The Pilates method is a unique and powerful whole body conditioning, rehabilitation and training modality, and when integrated using the Pilates principles, concepts and apparatus, is an incredible way to treat and progress clients.

Kath Banks holds Master of Exercise Science as well as Advanced Diploma Pilates and long term experience as an educator across Pilates, Fitness and Rehab. She specialises in bringing the relevant research, science and integrations that cross the sectors of fitness and clinical needs with Pilates, and isn’t afraid to blend and unite the modalities for best outcomes.

This first in the series of EMP learning sessions focuses on how and why ‘centring or being centred’ is an essential primary principle of movement that will change your clients progress, motivation and achievements.

Centred to the Core for Posture, Pain and Performance

Core strength? Abdominal Control? Spinal Stability? Centring? We don’t mind what you call it, but this workshop will deepen your understanding and provide you with an experience of being ‘Centred to your Core’.

Centring is a primary principle of the Pilates method and when movement specialists truly understand how to get their client &/or athlete centred in both mind & body, they can take them to the next level.

Being centred is all about creating a balance. A balance within the musculoskeletal system and a balance between strength, stability, mobility, flexibility and stiffness, to optimise movement efficiency and postural control. Being ‘centred to our core’, increases our lumbopelvic and torso stability. Not only does this provide protection for the joints, but it also enables our whole body to be more reactive to the forces applied to it. Becoming more aware of our centre of gravity and creating balance around this point also aids awareness and proprioception, optimising the ability to transfer body weight when moving through space in general life and when performing specific physical activities and sport.

A bonus of this workshop is that you will also learn to become centred of mind – focusing in on your own body, blocking out unwanted distraction, creating a mind-body connection and experiencing all the benefits that come with that.

Workshop outcomes

  • Optimising bony alignment for postural control & function
  • Increased understanding of lumbopelvic rhythm
  • Creating balance within the abdominal layers and pelvic and spinal stabilisers
  • Increased understanding of the relationship between agonist, antagonist, synergist and stabilisers
  • Application of the tools of progression & regression to optimise progressive overload
  • Application of the learning model – 4 stages of competence
  • The art of centring both mind & body


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Calendar Friday, Oct 27, 2023
Clock 1:00pm - 5:00pm
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