Frequently asked questions

Your average wage as a Pilates instructor would be around $30-35 per hour, although a fully qualified pilates instructor with a Diploma has the potential to make between $45-60 per hour. This rate can continue to grow as the Pilates instructor gains more experience and develops a client base and reputation.

A career as a pilates instructor involves teaching and instructing clients. Sometimes in a group setting on mats with small apparatus and sometimes in small groups of 3-4 students on pilates equipment. Having an interest in the human body and wanting to help everyone in the community build the skills and knowledge to take charge of their own physical wellbeing and mental health is key to enjoying your career as a Pilates instructor.

At National Pilates Training you can gain a qualification in Professional Pilates Matwork Instruction at $3,550 for an online course and $4,500 for face-to-face training (fully inclusive). To become a fully qualified Pilates instructor through the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10838NAT) costs $5,800 for the online course and $9,200 for face-to-face. This includes teacher training hours.

On average you can become a qualified Pilates matwork instructor within 4-6 months, and a fully qualified studio and matwork instructor in 10-18 months.

To be recognised as a Pilates teacher with the allied health framework, and to have a professional career as a Pilates teacher in Australia, you will need a Pilates qualification.

Start by visiting the website of the industry peak body, Pilates Alliance Australasia, to find instructor training organisations who offer government-accredited Pilates instructor teaching qualifications. Look for schools whose educators are experienced movement and conditioning specialists and who have expertise in teaching the Pilates Method to a wide and varied client base, preferably with knowledge in areas ranging from injury prevention to clinical application and biomechanics. Naturally, you want to find educators who are truly passionate about the Pilates Method and who will help you navigate the industry to find a fulfilling career. Explore our various course offerings here or contact us to discuss how we can help you reach your Pilates career goals.