Persistence, patience, perseverance.

Here’s the thing: These three qualities are possible when the situation or environment supports us and what we are trying to achieve. But understanding ourselves in relation to applying “Grit” is an entirely different conversation when we are confronted and challenged calling on our capability to bring out our better self. The self that is prepared to attempt more than once, possibly even multiple times. Ready to face the struggle daily, repeatedly and feel uncomfortable in the process.

Why would we explore feeling this way?

Facing struggle and opting in to give something new a go gets harder and more difficult as we age. We feel exposed. We feel uncomfortable. Learning something for the first time and discovering yourself in the process of acquiring new skills is, however, vital for us as human beings if we are truly committed to our life and the living of life.

As we study the new and shift from ignorance to awareness to learning and then finally mastery we acquire “Grit”.

This is simple in its concept and nature by simple encouraging take up when the opportunity presents itself to learn and engage. Whether it be meeting someone new, having a conversation with somebody else. These experiences offer us a chance to understand ourselves by stepping into the unknown.

In the “Grit” space there are no guarantees of winning. Rather the pure joy of testing and measuring ourselves against ourselves for no other purpose but to grow, develop and evolve into the best possible version of ourselves and sweeping up others who we come into contact with.

Through the practise of the pilates method there is potential to study patience, persistence and perseverance. The philosophy behind the method discovered by Joseph Pilates in the late 1800’s suggests that applying ourselves and understanding our physical capability combined with our mind in an integrated exercise system, like the pilates method, will be life changing.

He was a genius and anyone who has experienced the pilates method shares this belief. This exercise system is bigger than an exercise regime: It is a way of being. It connects you deeply to yourself at the same time you feel fit and well.

Come with us on the journey, stand up, become physically engaged and ready for the rest of your life and give the game of grit a red hot go!

Katrina Edwards – Director of Training

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