Creating opportunities in your week to work privately with a colleague/family member/friend sets up a new situation where creativity thrives and your teaching skills flourish serving your inner sanctum and taking care of the people that are closest and dearest to you.

I like to fit in one of these each week.

Here is Kat’s STRATEGY

Step 1– Ask to train a colleague/family member/friend

Step 2– On the day, give yourself 15 mins to warm up connecting your self

Step 3- At the session, ask if they have any physical challenges at the minute

Step 4– Start with a series of breathing-activities quietening the mind and connecting the self

Step 5- Dive in and start with inner range movement patterns in a weight bearing position

Step 6- Build and progress the patterns, adding multi-dimensional movement

Step 7- Reduce base of support

Step 8- Finish with 5 minutes of breathing rest, recovery, and relaxation