Raising the curtain on transition

Watch this video and hear how Chantel has managed to be in sync and find flow.

Can transitioning from our current model of working and operating translate into a way of living?

And can our way of living translate into a model of working? I think so.

Having a fulfilling life is about flow.

And to find flow we as human beings need to understand balance.

Finding balance on any given day is a balancing act.

The act of balancing requires you to be willing to adapt, shift and transition to find flow.

In our down time we do this without realising. Flowing from one task to the next.

The difference is we choose and set the flow.

“Transitioning from chore, to preparing meals, to exercise, to catching up with friends, to rest and relaxation mode and so on, shifting, adapting and transitioning finding flow.”


Pausing and resting when you need to.

So how is it that our work life is for the most of us so out of sync?

How do we sync the flow in our downtime to a job that promotes flow?

Or maybe the job is fine it is about how we operate in sync as human being that is the broken link.

We build resilience through struggle.

We build a life because of the struggle

We find flow through experience and being in sync.