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National Pilates Training (NPT) is a Registered Training Organisation offering government accredited training for new students and Pilates instructors who are looking for a career and qualifications in the Pilates industry.

NPT accredited courses provide the practical skills and related scientific knowledge required to become a competent and effective practitioner, health care advisor and therapist in the field of Pilates instruction.

Successful completion of our courses will equip you to deal with healthy to moderate risk level clients, teach repertoire up to the advanced level on all studio apparatus and matwork.

Our courses are suitable for those who wish to work in a private/semi-private or group fitness environment, are interested in understanding their own body for improved health and well being or, want to take the leap to running their own Pilates or health practice.

After completion of any of our accredited courses, you will be highly-skilled and eligible for membership with our industry peak body Pilates Alliance Australasia.

Instructor training courses with National Pilates Training allow you to study:
  • Anywhere, anytime
  • At your own pace
  • Online only, or
  • Face to face

You’ll also gain access to:

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Training Location

Students choosing to study a course that includes face to face delivery will complete training with National Pilates Training at the Melbourne CBD Aligned for Life Pilates Studio — a first-class training facility in a convenient city location.

Melbourne CBD studio of Aligned For Life

Melbourne CBD studio of Aligned For Life

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