My hometown Pilates Instructor suggested I study with NPT during covid lockdowns and it was such a great recommendation! Upon evaluating multiple training providers, it was apparent that NPT stands out as the most reputable and distinguished option.


I have loved the community and friendships I have gained through studying with NPT. I graduated a few months ago but some of my peers (some now colleagues) and I catch up and check in with each other often, to share our experiences and learnings. I am so lucky to have a great support network thanks to NPT! In terms of the course content, I really loved the depth of knowledge we explored as well as the dedication and commitment that is asked of each student- the Diploma course requires you to be really focused and engross yourself in the course. This helped prepare me to start working in the Pilates industry which also requires this dedication.


Studying with NPT has allowed me to enter a new career pathway of being a Pilates Instructor which I absolutely love. I now have a deeper understanding that is ever evolving of my own body, as well as being able to analyse and observe how others move and what issues or injuries they might be dealing with.

~ Harper Banks, NPT Diploma Graduate