About Lighten Up Studio

Lighten Up Studio is based in Townsville, Queensland.

This studio is dedicated to yoga and pilates matwork classes with the prime purpose of increasing physical health and mental wellbeing.

This matches and aligns with our brand, National Pilates Training, and we are very excited about our partnership with Lighten Up Studio.

We will be offering our comprehensive matwork training courses led by our experienced faculty team at Lighten up Studio, Townsville, Queensland.

All Npt students who enrol for the matwork training will be able to complete all the requirements for study and training onsite at Lighten up with the support of our National Pilates Training faculty.

 Find out how you can get started preparing for our first intake in 2024 at Lighten Up studio, Townsville, Queensland.

Contact Katrina katrina@nationalpilates.com.au and book a time to have a conversation about how studying with National Pilates Training will change your life!