Considering one’s emotional needs and then sensing other’s emotional needs takes a moment.

Living moment to moment.

It is easy to get caught up, running from thought to thought to task to task making it difficult to sense ourselves.

We have often completely missed the boat with sensing someone else as we are busy in our own heads and with what is coming next.

As human beings we are complex and each uniquely wired. By stepping into the compassion space we begin to experience, sense and percept, becoming aware of ourselves and our emotional state.

Our sense of hearing and feeling becomes heightened bringing us closer and more in touch with the self.

Bringing us to be able to listen more deeply gives the compassionate self an opportunity to flourish.

Practising deep listening is where compassion can be practised and nourished.As we listen with ourselves, it is in this moment to moment we can sense, feel, acknowledge and accept ourselves and others.

The pilates method offers us the opportunity to become more in tune with ourselves and understand ourselves through the coordination of mind, body and spirit. During the practise of the pilates method, the mind starts to sense physical sensations and emotions.

The thoughts are centred around the physiological responses and changes as the body reconnects with the mind and then progressively throughout the practise this connection is enhanced and challenged. The emotional state is positively enhanced.

Take up the practise of the pilates method and watch your compassionate self thrive

Katrina Edwards – Director of Training

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