Hear from one of our NPT Diploma graduates- Michelle

Q -Who are you?

This is impossible to answer as I am many things…but here are some things about me that you may not know.

1.) I love dancing
2.) I am very easily distracted by shiny objects and grand ideas
3.) I believe ANYTHING is possible

Q -What makes you get up out of bed in the morning?

My daughter. No really, my 3 year old daughter yells at me “Muuuuuuuum, Muuuuuuuuum” haha. Apart from that, the endless possibilities of life and the people that I get to connect with and spend time with.

Q -Why did you choose to study with NPT?

I’d never met Katrina before and when I spoke with her on the phone she gave me her time and focus. She was very nurturing and present. Those values are the kind I want to be around.

Q- Was it difficult to find a job when you graduated for NPT?

It wasn’t difficult for me to find a job after graduating. I began working at two different studios right after I finished the course. Having the NPT diploma was key for me to apply for the jobs and to commence work, especially within an osteopathy clinic.

Q- what do you enjoy most about being a pilates instructor?

I enjoy seeing people move their bodies well, as I know that when they make this a weekly habit it allows them to maintain their strength, mobility and flexibility as long as they live. And that is something I am quite passionate about.

Q- what do you find most challenging about being a pilates instructor?

I find the balance of energy out verse energy in most challenging. Being able to make a wage that I can support myself and my family, whilst setting boundaries of the amount of time I spend on the floor teaching, as well as making enough time for my own personal practice and rest/recovery.

Q-Why did you decide to work as a pilates instructor with AFLP?

Ben Rashleigh. I instantly connected with his energy. He is grounded yet jovial. He is kind-hearted yet strict. It’s a beautiful balance of energy and one that I want to surround myself with and learn from. He allows me to be myself and then challenges the hell out of me.