What do you love most about the Pilates method?

I love how the Pilates method incorporates mind-body connection and can positively impact people’s lives. Pilates can help anyone from elite athletes to someone who is brand new to movement. I always leave a Pilates session feeling taller, happier, and stronger. I have seen people regain autonomy and confidence in their own bodies thanks to the Pilates method which is really inspiring.

When did you decide you wanted to become a qualified Pilates instructor?

Coming from a dance background, I had done Pilates as part of my cross training over the years and always really enjoyed the sessions, whether they were focused on rehabilitating an injury or improving technique. A career in the dance world is not always guaranteed so during the pandemic I decided to do my mat work teaching course to stay in a similar field of work and as a way to share my passion for movement with others.

What course are you studying with National Pilates Training?

I am studying my Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction and loving it so far!
What made you choose to study with National Pilates Training? I chose to study with NPT because it was recommended to me by my instructor who I had done sessions with growing up in regional Victoria, and it seemed like a very thorough course and respected institution.