What do you love most about the Pilates method?

I love the connection between the body and mind, I love all the benefits to my mental health but also physical impact it has on my body.

When did you decide you wanted to become a qualified Pilates instructor?

I wanted to do it for a while but at the start of the 2021 I felt it was the right time to start the course to develop my teaching career with the new knowledge gained from this course.

What course are you studying with National Pilates Training?

Diploma in professional Pilates instruction

What made you choose to study with National Pilates

Quality of educators, their backgrounds and the course was highly recommended to me.

What is your biggest ‘take home’ from the course so far?

My biggest take home are the benefits of Pilates to overall health of a person. 

Have there been any challenges? And if so how are you dealing with them?

My challenge has been realisation that I  will need to re learn the method from the start while continuing with work/family life at the same time.

What are your plans once you graduate from National Pilates Training?

My plan is to continue learning and deepening the knowledge of the method,  working with clients from all walks of life but also discovering how to make positive changes in teaching ballet by using the principles of Pilates technique.